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What is Bladder Incontinence?

Coughing, sneezing, laughing, working out … none of these things used to be a big deal. But for many women, after having children all of these become a big deal.

Did you know that two out of three women suffer from what is referred to in medical terms as “stress urinary incontinence” or SUI for short? SUI is a condition where even simple things like coughing or sneezing results in wetting or peeing your pants. This can result in some embarrassing moments and may mean that you don’t want to participate in activities with your children or friends which involve jumping or straining. It may also mean that you quit working out in the gym because you don’t want to wet your pants when you strain with weights or push hard on the treadmill or other equipment.


Having treated women with unwanted urine loss for more than 20 years at the Allan Centre we have found that many women think:

  • They are the only one with this condition
  • There are no easy solutions for this problem

So women suffer in silence and deal with SUI by not joining in activities that involve sudden movements, they cross their legs when they cough or sneeze and hope that they don’t leak (and if they do they hope no one notices!) and they stop going to the gym. The bottom line is that they stop living life to the fullest because their bladder takes control of them.

Up until now, the options for dealing with unwanted urine loss have been:

  • Living with this condition and hoping no one notices that you have wet your pants
  • Padded / absorbent underwear and/or oversized incontinence tampons
  • Kegel exercises or physiotherapy
  • Surgery with or without the insertion of mesh material (e.g TVT mesh surgery)

Over the years Dr. Allan has done lots of surgery for stress urinary incontinence and has inserted lots of meshes for lots of women. The results have been very good. But in recent years more and more women are looking for a safer option than surgery and without the prolonged recovery time.

The idea of wearing absorbent underwear and/or inserting large tampons isn’t very appealing either. And Kegel exercises and physiotherapy, while being quite successful for many women, takes a lot of time and dedication and may be hard to maintain over the long term.

So what else is available?

The answer is simply to use your own body tissues to control urine loss and take control of your bladder rather than having it control you.

After several years of investigation and research the Allan Centre has introduced a new technology to deal with stress incontinence. This is such a common and life-impacting problem that we have opened an entire clinic called Lifestyles Allan Centre dedicated to treating stress incontinence.

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Very professional. The staff was fantastic! They made me feel very comfortable.
Alison Lee
Alison Lee
17:27 21 Aug 18
I can’t say enough about Dr Allan; he is attentive, knowledgeable, and comes across as very caring. I also feel he takes his time answering my questions and concerns in a thorough manner.I have consulted Dr Allan over the years and I have complete trust in his judgement, knowledge and skill as a gynaecologist.I would highly recommend Dr Allan
Silvia Roball
Silvia Roball
00:42 01 Mar 18
My meeting with Dr. Allan was as expected. His longstanding reputation as a courteous, knowledgeable physician made me feel comfortable prior to receiving treatment. Upon my arrival, his staff were very personable and ensured privacy throughout the process and procedure. Overall, after experiencing huge success, I would highly recommend this clinic and procedure for those with stress urinary incontinence concerns.
04:17 23 Feb 18
I came to the Allan Centre after having had a variety of symptoms for years. Being post menopausal and having dealt with many doctors over the years, my expectations were not too high.I was pleasantly surprised to find a doctor, Dr. Allan, who genuinely listened and cared. I felt as though he actually heard my concerns. The girls at his office are friendly and professional, making the the overall experience as comfortable as a gynecological visit can be.I would highly recommend this centre to any woman looking for solutions!
Elaine Skiba
Elaine Skiba
02:45 23 Feb 18
I can't say enough good about the staff in this clinic. They made the process simple and Dr. Allan was incredibly knowledgable and kind. He keeps current on all technology and resources related to women health. Plus, the clinic feels more like a spa than a Dr.s office!
Jane Taylor
Jane Taylor
20:27 22 Feb 18

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Stress urinary incontinence is a condition where even simple things like coughing and sneezing result in urine loss. Find out if you are a candidate for a simple, safe urinary incontinence treatment.

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