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Bladder Incontinence Treatment

Just like skin, vaginal tissue is made up of collagen fibres. Over time collagen loses it strength and shape resulting in a loss of support to the bladder, urethra and other pelvic structures. This can result in loss of bladder control and unwanted urine loss (bladder incontinence or stress urinary incontinence). Some of the other effects of collagen loss are decreased sexual sensation, water trapping in the vagina, inability to keep tampons in the vagina, etc.

Though it may be difficult to talk about, Dr. Allan understands these concerns and would be pleased to discuss a treatment for bladder incontinence with you.

Options for the treatment of bladder incontinence involve:

  • living with this condition the best you can
  • lifestyle changes (for example reducing fluid intake, reducing coffee consumption, avoiding strenuous activities, etc)
  • padded underwear or oversized incontinence tampons or pessaries
  • Kegel exercises or physiotherapy,
  • surgery with mesh insertion into the vagina
  • medication and drugs
  • the Lifestyles Allan Centre Treatment

The Treatment

The Lifestyles Allan Centre Treatment is a comfortable, less than one hour treatment performed in our office. A plastic probe is gently inserted into the vagina by trained staff. Deep heating and surface cooling stimulate your body’s natural collagen formation process which revitalizes and tightens vaginal tissue. The resulting collagen growth provides improved support to the bladder and increased squeeze to the urethra which help to reduce unwanted urine loss. This is a virtually painless procedure with no significant risks or downtime.


There is no recovery time required and you can drive yourself to and from our office and return to normal activities immediately. There is no pain, discharge or bleeding following the procedure.


Your body will respond to the treatment by generating new and stronger collagen that renews and tightens vaginal tissue and helps to support your bladder and surrounding structures. It also increases the thickness of the vaginal wall resulting in a youthful tone that increases friction and sensation with intercourse. Within a month or so following the treatment most women notice less urine loss and less need to rush to the bathroom. The results of our research have shown significant results in reducing unwanted urine loss and helping women get back to the gym and other activities.

To learn more about the Lifestyles Allan Centre Treatment and other options for the treatment of bladder incontinence please contact us to arrange a consultation with Dr. Allan. Consultations are free of charge and there is no obligation. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your body, your health and your wellness.

*Results may vary from person to person. We encourage you to come in for a consultation for specific advice.

Recent Blog

Very professional. The staff was fantastic! They made me feel very comfortable.
Alison Lee
Alison Lee
17:27 21 Aug 18
I can’t say enough about Dr Allan; he is attentive, knowledgeable, and comes across as very caring. I also feel he takes his time answering my questions and concerns in a thorough manner.I have consulted Dr Allan over the years and I have complete trust in his judgement, knowledge and skill as a gynaecologist.I would highly recommend Dr Allan
Silvia Roball
Silvia Roball
00:42 01 Mar 18
My meeting with Dr. Allan was as expected. His longstanding reputation as a courteous, knowledgeable physician made me feel comfortable prior to receiving treatment. Upon my arrival, his staff were very personable and ensured privacy throughout the process and procedure. Overall, after experiencing huge success, I would highly recommend this clinic and procedure for those with stress urinary incontinence concerns.
04:17 23 Feb 18
I came to the Allan Centre after having had a variety of symptoms for years. Being post menopausal and having dealt with many doctors over the years, my expectations were not too high.I was pleasantly surprised to find a doctor, Dr. Allan, who genuinely listened and cared. I felt as though he actually heard my concerns. The girls at his office are friendly and professional, making the the overall experience as comfortable as a gynecological visit can be.I would highly recommend this centre to any woman looking for solutions!
Elaine Skiba
Elaine Skiba
02:45 23 Feb 18
I can't say enough good about the staff in this clinic. They made the process simple and Dr. Allan was incredibly knowledgable and kind. He keeps current on all technology and resources related to women health. Plus, the clinic feels more like a spa than a Dr.s office!
Jane Taylor
Jane Taylor
20:27 22 Feb 18

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