Laser Labioplasty changed the way she felt about herself

From the time Kelly was a teenager she felt there was something different about the way she looked—in particular, that her vaginal lips were too long and were different from everybody else. Kelly mentioned her concerns to her family physician who assured her that everything was fine, but it didn’t change the way Kelly saw herself. “I was otherwise a normal, happy person, but I just didn’t like how I looked down there,” she says. Kelly did a lot of internet research, spoke to a few doctors and looked at some before-and-after pictures from various clinics, but couldn’t find someone she felt comfortable opening up to about something so intimate. After looking at The Allan Centre website and and talking to the staff, Kelly decided to come in for a consultation. “When I called, his nurse was phenomenal and made me feel very comfortable discussing my concerns,” says Kelly, “I didn’t feel embarrassed or silly talking to her about the way I felt about my vagina.”

Because Kelly lives outside of Calgary, she initially consulted with Dr. Allan by phone and arranged to come to Calgary to meet him and his staff. After a discussion and exam, he performed the labioplasty procedure. “It was so much easier than I thought!” says Kelly, “I was quite nervous about it but it was actually very easy with very little discomfort. It only took about an hour and then I was done and I flew home the next day.”

Although having the procedure was a difficult decision for Kelly to make, she says she is glad she did and especially glad that she found Dr. Allan. “From talking to him on the phone the first time, to meeting him at his office, to the procedure itself and answering all my texts afterwards while I was healing, I had complete trust and confidence in him and always felt I was in such good hands!”

The Procedure

The Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation™ surgery performed by Dr. Bruce Allan was Laser Labioplasty.

The Outcome

“I can’t say enough about how having a labioplasty has boosted my confidence!” says Kelly, who admits that although nobody had ever told her that her vagina was unattractive, that’s how she felt. Post procedure, Kelly says she really likes the way she looks and that she is much more comfortable being naked and is able to enjoy sex more.

Results may vary from person to person. We encourage you to come in for a consultation for specific advice.