Jessica sought help to correct the poor outcome of a prior procedure

Jessica had a labioplasty performed by another doctor using what he called the “wedge method”. Although Jessica believed her doctor was experienced and knew what he was doing, her results were unacceptable. “It didn’t heal right at all,” says Jessica, “some of it came apart and it left a hole right through one of my lips and a big flap on the other one.” She went back to the original doctor who attempted to fix it, but failed to do so. When told that she would “just have to live with it”, Jessica felt sick about it. Luckily, she then found Dr. Allan, who was confident he could give her the results she had wanted in the first place. He was able to fix the hole from the previous procedure and trim her labia to her desired preference. Jessica is extremely happy to have finally gotten the results she expected—and deserved.

The Procedure

The Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation™ surgery performed by Dr. Bruce Allan was corrective Laser Labioplasty.

The Outcome

“I’m glad I had a labioplasty, but I really wish I had seen Dr. Allan in the first place,” says Jessica, “if you’re thinking of getting something like this done make sure you go to a surgeon who knows what he’s doing and has lots of experience! Make sure to ask them how many they have done and see before and after pictures.”

Results may vary from person to person. We encourage you to come in for a consultation for specific advice.