The Viveve Treatment Made Her Feel Like a New Woman

I am a fifty year old woman who is a mother of three grown-up children.  Intercourse in a marriage of 27 years was beginning to become difficult.  In all three of my births I had an episiotomy and of course several stitches. Over the years I became accustomed to a vagina that had been literally stretched out and looked nothing like it once did before my births.  Sex was more difficult since the opening was so much wider and I felt very open and loose.  This was truly affecting my confidence in the bedroom and my sexuality.  Something had to change.

My husband started doing some research and he happened upon the Allan Center in Calgary.  I agreed to attend an appointment.  We went together and I was able to share my concerns with Dr. Allan and then the three of us sat down to further discuss.  It was in this conversation with Dr. Allan that I began to feel an immediate ease.  He is extremely knowledgeable and we found ourselves asking several related questions to our situation and he graciously answered them all.

We decided to book a procedure that would consist of laser surgery and the reforming of my vagina wall and opening to it’s original shape and size.  I have to admit I felt a little queasy about the whole ordeal, but Dr. Allan’s assistant was able to walk us through all the details and follow-up care tips.  I went back to my family doctor, because I look to her for the final say on all my medical matters, and she happily announced that Dr. Allan delivered her twins and that she had worked with him earlier on in her career. She told me I was in great hands.

With my mind at ease I entered the clinic with optimism. The procedure went very well.  Dr. Allan is so professional and he puts you at ease, explains everything as he proceeds.  I watched a few episodes of Friends in the background and it all went very smoothly.

After the procedure, I experienced the discomfort that was to be expected, but very little pain and for only a short few days. I was able to return to work the next week. It took  6 weeks to fully recover and even a bit longer for intercourse to feel at ease again. What I did feel instantly was a firmer pelvic floor. My vaginal opening looked like I was 20 years old again!  My buttocks was lifted slightly as a result as well.  My confidence and sexuality were rejuvenated.

Today, my husband and I are both very satisfied with our sexual encounters and I feel like a new woman.  I love my three children, don’t get me wrong, the damage their births did to my body was totally worth it.  But every woman also deserves to get their body back and Dr. Allan did that for me. I highly recommend his services to anyone and am forever grateful for his expertise and experience.