Have you felt your sex drive dwindling lately?  Or have you always had a low to non-existent sex drive?  You’re not alone!  Unfortunately many women have the same concern,

“as many as 43% of women have experienced sexual dysfunction at some point in their life,

and low libido (sex drive) is one of the most common problems.”

Many women experience sexual function concerns from time to time, but when the problems become recurrent they can cause distress for the woman and have a negative affect on her intimate relationship.  There are many different factors that can contribute to a woman’s low libido, which makes it a complex issue, but there are also a lot of things you can do to try to improve it.

Causes behind low libido can include: certain chronic medical conditions, some medications, and aging or menopause and the hormonal changes that come along with that.  Relationship issues, general stress, or trauma in your past can also play a huge role in a woman’s sex drive.  Low libido can affect women of all ages, and we have seen women with this concern in their 20’s and up to their 70’s.

A recent article by CNN focused on the sexual problems that may affect women throughout their lifetime and the lack of support they receive for these issues.  These are concerns that should be discussed with your doctor, and especially your gynecologist.

Since low libido and other sexual concerns can be a physical or mental issue it can be tricky to solve, but we’re here to help!  You can live with low libido, but you don’t have to.  Dr. Allan and his nurse Wendy offer medical investigation into the cause of your low libido concerns, as well as medical treatment and sexual counseling.  A vibrant sex life is an important part of a woman’s health and wellness, and we’re here to listen.