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The Allan Centre is the first medical centre of its kind in Canada, offering women an inviting, comfortable environment where only the highest standards of professional care are applied.

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Skilled Specialists in Female Genital Surgery

Highly respected by his patients and the medical community, Dr. Allan provides dedicated, patient-centred care in obstetrics & gynecology and is a specialist in medical and cosmetic vaginal surgery. Dr. Allan has performed thousands of medical and cosmetic vaginal surgeries since opening the Allan Centre in 2002, including laser vaginal treatment & rejuvenation, labiaplasty, vaginal repair, clitoral hood reduction, hymenoplasty and vaginal augmentation, among others. His depth of knowledge, dedication to continuing education and wide range of experience in these fields is unique in Calgary.

A Welcoming Environment and High-Quality Care

Dr. Allan is an esteemed vaginal surgeon who takes great pride in the trust he earns from his patients in dealing with their very personal gynecologic concerns—and that tradition of trust encompasses every aspect of the Allan Centre. Discussing potential vaginal surgery or augmentation can be daunting for many patients. But from its inception, the Allan Centre has held strong to its mission to provide education, options and excellent professional care to women seeking obstetric & gynecologic care as well as medical / cosmetic vaginal surgery or laser vaginal treatment. We aim to foster a welcoming and comforting environment so all patients feel safe and well looked after throughout their OB/GYN care or vaginal surgery journey.

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“Laser vaginal treatment has improved my sex life and self esteem. I’m happier and more self confident.”

Break Free From Bladder Leaks

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